Summer 2020

Dear Abilities Tennis Community,

As we reach the midpoint of 2020 I find myself reflecting on a year that has tested the resolve of our tight knit community – myself included.  Time has become abstract as we wrestle with the new rules that govern the ways in which we interact with the people and things we love.

Despite these new norms, there have remained many bright spots, and I am confident that these are the clearer and more accurate reflection of the days to come.  Thankfully, tennis has been a wonderful outlet for many us!

I’d like to take a second and recognize the incredible leadership that has come from both our Executive Director, Lou Welch, and the many other coaches and instructors throughout our ATANC community.  Your ability to positively interact and communicate with our players during a very challenging time has done wonders for engagement and morale.  Thank you!

Additionally, I’d like to highlight some of our achievements to date:

  • Hosted 11 zoom clinics on Thursdays at 3:00 with 25-55 participants.  We have even had special guests within the USTA!  During the month of July we expect to host 3 more with tentative plans for August.  Please join us – athletes that participate in all clinics will win a racquet!
  • Received many videos of athletes showing their home fitness prowess.  Keep it up!
  • Requested by Net Generation to create a video for their national newsletter. Watch Lou’s video and Coach Nancy’s video
  • Worked with the USTA Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Yasmine Osborne, to create a National Adaptive Challenge providing the opportunity for the 280 adaptive programs across the US to learn about each other and share drills through social media.

We are planning to host our Footprints event on October 23rd.  We will of course keep everyone updated based on the guidance on in-person versus virtual event from our officials.  We hope everyone can join.

Until next time!

Cameron Rosenow

ATANC President

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  1. Kristine Hughes

    Congrats Cameron. I wish I was healthy to play but maybe later this year

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