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Currently, most in-person clinics have been postponed or do not have dates set. Online clinics are on-going and will continue through the Spring.

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Thanks the generosity of our donors and sponsors, plus grants from the USTA, we are able to provide all tennis programs free of charge to participants.


Abilities Tennis Association works with the USTA, local Community Tennis Associations, private tennis clubs, school systems, and Parks and Recreation departments within the state of North Carolina to provide tennis programs for people with intellectual disabilities.


Tennis instruction and practice for athletes with intellectual disabilities. Players are placed on a court for their skill level. Choose from over 20 locations around the state of North Carolina!
Swing into Spring Tournament


Why is this one of the most popular programs for athletes and volunteers? You'll have to come see for yourself! Unified Doubles is tennis played with doubles teams made up of an Abilities Tennis player and a volunteer partner. Clinics and Play Days incorporate Unified Doubles into each session. Two of our Tournaments and several Play Days are dedicated to Unified play. Unified sports benefits ALL athletes involved and promotes inclusion and a deeper understanding of people with intellectual disabilities.


The competitive spirit is alive in our community! Tournaments give athletes the opportunity to experience the drive to compete against their peers and feel the joy of community and inclusiveness. All skill levels compete in state, regional, and national tournaments hosted in 7 locations across North Carolina. It's an experience you'll never forget!


PE Abilities Tennis (PEAT) supports the inclusion of adaptive tennis in school PE classes for students with intellectual disabilities. PEAT meets academic needs and introduces students to a lifetime sport. We provide the necessary equipment and a specially trained tennis professional works with the staff and volunteers to get them started. You'll learn how to set up the equipment, coaching techniques and fun games and drills. High schools with PE Pupil Instructor (PEPI) classes or varsity tennis teams love to volunteer through this program! These relationships have greatly enhanced social integration of students with special needs into the school community.


Let’s get together and play tennis! Socialize, exercise, and meet new people. Play Days introduce the game of tennis to new players, can check interest in an area for starting a future clinic, or are just an excuse to have fun! Many of our Play Days are run by D1 University teams who do everything from teach fundamentals to play full-court competition with athletes. All levels welcome. Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media to see when the next Play Day comes your way. Better yet, schedule one in your area!


There is not enough space for us to describe how much we love our volunteers! Attend a training session so you know what to expect on the court and understand how clinics are run. We'll take you through many drills and demonstrate modifications to help you ensure athletes are successful and having fun. It's also your chance to ask questions and meet your fellow volunteers. You'll leave training feeling confident you can work with the athletes and help improve their tennis skills.


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