<Kristine Hughes has been participating in tournaments held by Abilities Tennis and by Special Olympics.  She recently received her diploma from Wake Tech Community College.  Everyone in the Abilities Tennis family would like to congratulate her for this wonderful achievement.  Kristine has been kind enough to share her experience with us>

“When I lived in Pocatello, Idaho, I had no aspiration’s to go to college since I could not pass Idaho State University’s entrance exams. I thought too much time had passed and that I was not smart enough to get a degree.

Kristine's gradutation

But in 2003, I began having talks with my God Mom (Ruth) and best friend about going to college. I told her that I could not get into ISU and there were no community college’s in Idaho at the time. Then Ruth moved to Raleigh, North Carolina and found out there was a Community College near where they lived. I had not yet moved to North Carolina but signed up to go to Wake Technical Community College anyways.  On July 28, 2008, I moved to North Carolina and my new life started which included going to school.

I started school in the Fall of 2009, since I had to wait to become a resident of North Carolina. I did my first two semesters in the transfer program but then switched over to the Office Administration Program.  Schooling took me a full five years to complete school but it was worth it. As I worked my way through all my general classes and then all my program classes I faced challenges because of my learning, math, and physical disabilities.  But with the support from my God, friends, and God family, I was able to graduation on December 14, 2013 with an Associate in Applied Science, Diploma, and three Certificates (One will be completed this coming semester).

To go from never thinking I could get into college let alone complete five years of schooling and receive a degree with Honors, is awesome in so many ways. Without the help and guidance from God and all of my friends this dream would not have happened.  Now starts a new chapter in my life and I need to see where it will take me.

My goals are to eventually either work for Special Olympics, Veterans Administration, Wake Technical Community College, HANDmeUPs Thrift Store, and or a non-for-profit that works with special needs adults or children. But overall I need to trust God that he will put me where he needs me. I also hope someday that I can increase my schooling to maybe get a Bachelor’s either in Human Resource or Business Management.

But for now I will continue to volunteer for HANDmeUPS Thrift Store and trust in God for his support and guidance.